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2019 Livestock Eligibility Form

2019 Livestock Eligibility Form

2019 Stock Water Run Request Form

Please be aware that under Article IX, Special Situations, Section 9.3 Livestock water the following applies to all Adjudicated and Project Water Users -


To be eligible for livestock water:

(1) applicant for livestock water must either own livestock or lease to someone who owns livestock;

(2) The property must have a storage facility to hold the stock water,

(3) the livestock must have access to the storage facility, and

(4) the applicant for livestock water must sign an Affidavit verifying that he files a Schedule F or other tax return form showing income from Livestock or leases to someone who files said forms. Upon request, the applicant for livestock water must provide the Ditch Company with a copy of the schedule F or other tax return form from his past year’s tax return which shows income from Livestock.

Call Person Form - Fillable PDF

Please fill in the form and email or mail to the Ditch Company office ONLY if changes to who your call person is has occurred. 

Contractor Pre-Qualification Form

Fillable PDF

Rules and Regulations Rev 01.2017
FCDC By-Laws Approved 11.2013

FCDC By-Laws Approved 11.2013

Plan of Merger

Plan of Merger to combine the Florida Farmers Ditch Company, Florida Cooperative Ditch Company, Florida Canal Company and the Florida Canal Enlargement Company was approved by Shareholders at the Joint Annual Meeting 11.14.2013.

1889 Articles of Incorporation

1889 Articles of Incorporation


Latest News

Annual Meeting scheduled for 01/15/2020 at 7:00pm

The Annual Meeting of the Florida Consolidated Ditch
Company will be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday January
15th, 2020 at the Florida Mesa Grange, 656 Hwy 172, Durango CO 81303. This meeting will include: 2019  Financial Review, 2020 Budget Review, and the election of 2 Board members.

Notice of Meeting to be published in Durango Herald on December 28,2019 and January 4, 2020