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As of June 8th, the Florida Consolidated Ditch Company D shares (COOP) water was dropping out of priority.

Notice regarding Postcard advertising Class C Shares for Sale

If you received a postcard advertising Class C Certificates for sale, please be advised of the following information:


  1. The postcard is a solicitation for a private sale and is not from either the Florida Consolidated Ditch Company (FCDC) or the Florida Water Conservancy District.
  2. FCDC Class C shares are subject to the rules and regulations of the FCDC.
  3. FCDC shares of stock include the delivery of direct flow water rights only, and do not include storage water from the Florida Water Conservancy District.
  4. To be eligible for share ownership in the FCDC, the shareholder must own sufficient land within the decreed lands of FCDC that can be irrigated with water represented by those shares without waste. The water must be deliverable through the FCDC network in order to be used by the prospective buyer.  This means that, if you are considering purchasing this water, you must have a conveyance system from an existing head gate off the FCDC canal system.
  5. FCDC will only transfer share certificates if the original water certificate is presented to the ditch company and signed by the owner of record, and the appropriate transfer fees are paid. In the event that the share certificate is lost, the shareholder may follow FCDC’s procedures for issuance of a duplicate stock certificate and pay the appropriate fees.
  6. Water will only be delivered if all assessments are paid in full, and the conveyance system is in working order.
  7. The delivery of water will occur only when the water rights represented thereby are in priority.  C water shares have priority F-68.  A purchaser should consider when the water will be available during the irrigation season. In dry years, water represented by C shares may be available on a limited basis either because it is only available for a few days, at a curtailed rate, or both.
  8. If you purchase C shares, you must follow the ditch company rules with regard to moving the delivery point of the water.  Currently the delivery point for the water listed for sale is near the intersection of C.R. 302 and Heart Lane.  FCDC prohibits the creation of new headgates, so water must be delivered to an existing headgate.  Applications to move water must be put in writing to the FCDC, which application will be considered by the board of directors at its next meeting.  The board will consider among other things:  the ability of the proposed headgate and ditch to handle the diversion of additional water, and the potential injury at the current point of diversion due to the water being removed from delivery at that location. 
  9. When the movement of water to a different headgate or ditch affects other water users on a lateral, all users so affected must authorize the move, and submit written acknowledgement to the Ditch Company, or the applicant must submit a court order authorizing the move.
  10. If you are considering purchasing this water, you should consult your own attorney and/or water engineer prior to determine the feasibility of utilizing this water on your property.
  11. The FCDC ditch secretary cannot give you legal advice.  Please do not call the FCDC number for advice.


04.17.2018 - Water Outlook

As of today, 04.17.2018 and dependent upon the weather, the projected Project water delivery may be 45% of your project water.  Unless the weather changes drastically, adjudicated water may not be available at all.   The planned start date is still May 1st and is dependent upon certain criteria that must be met. 

2018 Irrigation Start Date / Water Delivery Guidelines / Interacting with Ditch Riders and Employees of FCDC

The solid date for the 2018 Irrigation Start Date will be May 1st, 2018.  Expect a short irrigation season this year, as the snow pack levels have not improved. 


Orders will not be taken before April 15 of each irrigation year, and will only be received between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Per our Rules and Regulations:


5.3 Timing Orders


All water orders are to be placed at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to expected delivery by phone with your Ditch Rider at 970-749-9801 or 970-749-9800. An answering machine is available for messages.


Callers are asked to leave the time and date of their call to determine when the order will be filled. Messages left without a time and date cannot be guaranteed for accurate processing.


Any call placed to ditch riders after 7:00pm and before 7:00am Monday - Saturday and on Sundays will not be logged and calls will NOT be returned, and water delivery orders will not be accepted **emergencies are the only exception!


No changes of delivery of water will be made on Sunday.


During times of high call volume, deliveries cannot be guaranteed within 48 hours.


Please review our Rules and Regulations which can be found on our website.  If you live in a subdivision, please make sure the only person contacting the ditch rider is your designated Call Person (see below 5.4 from our Rules and Regulations).  If you feel you should be getting your water, contact your Call Person, DO NOT CONTACT the Ditch Rider (unless you are the designated Call Person).


Please remember it may take up to 48 hours or more to receive your water (see below Section 5.3 from our Rules and Regulations). Ordering irrigation water is not turning on a tap. It takes time for the water to fill the canals, and a steady flow cannot be guaranteed (see Section V in the Rules and Regulations).


In addition, please understand this time of year is considered high call volume (see section 9.4 in our Rules and Regulations) so please be patient, we have 2 ditch riders fielding all of the company's water orders, for water on, and off, working on delivery, etc.  Please also understand water flow will fluctuate.  Because a steady flow of water is not guaranteed, please understand there will be fluctuations in your measuring devices and emailed or calling the secretary or ditch riders about these minor fluctuations can be deemed as unnecessary and you may be asked to discontinue that type of contact unless you are calling for water or asking to have it shut off.


5.4 Ordering Water for Subdivisions and Pipelines


Subdivisions and pipelines may only receive water at designated delivery points in existence before the creation of the subdivision, except where same may be changed with approval of the Ditch Company.


On or before delivery of water each year, stockholders of subdivisions or pipelines and landlords shall notify the Ditch Rider in writing the name of the person and/or tenant responsible for ordering water.


Ditch Riders will only recognize water calls from the designated water caller, as notified to the Ditch Company. In the absence of a new agreement the former designee will be relied upon.


Subdivisions and pipelines may choose to create internal water delivery agreements to assure delivery to all water users; however, this is not the responsibility of the Ditch Company, nor will the Ditch Company enforce such agreements.


9.4 Working with Ditch Riders


Colorado State Statutes give Ditch Riders the authority and responsibility to run irrigation water, and to maintain the canals, ditches and reservoirs of the Ditch Company.

Consideration and respect is required in working with the Ditch Riders, particularly in heavy water use periods.


No physical or verbal abuse of the Ditch Riders, Directors, or Secretary will be tolerated.