2021 Annual Meeting Mail In Ballot

2021 Annual Meeting Mail In Ballot Results:

Thank You to all the shareholders that returned their mail in ballot. Below are the results of the mail in ballots. A quorum was meet for all questions.


1. Approval of Annual Meeting minutes for 2020.

Yes 3,718.57 shares      (59.98% of shares)

No 0 shares


2. Approval of 2021 Annual Budget.

Yes 3,582.32 shares      (57.78% of shares)

No 116.25 shares          (1.875% of shares)


3. Approval of Loan for FC Diversion Structure.

Yes 3,575.32 shares      (57.67% of shares)

No 143.25 shares          (2.31% of shares)


4. Election of 2 Board Members.

Doug Thurston 3,414.47 shares  (55.07% of shares)

Mark Short Jr. 3,555.77 shares   (57.35% of shares)

Five other shareholders were nominated for board members but none received 

more than 100 shares.


There were a few questions from the shareholders on the returned mail in ballots and I will do my best to answer them.

1. How will the loan for the FC Diversion affect my assessment fee and my water delivery?

Water delivery will not be affected as the work will only be done during the off irrigation season.

Assessment fees are raised on a regular basis due to many reasons, the FC diversion structure may at some point be a factor for raising assessments.

2. What are the terms on the loan?

The loan will be based on 30 years at 1.30% interest. The payment will be approximately $30,650.00 per year. This payment is based on the current proposed loan.

3.What is the proposed timing of the FC Diversion project?

The FC Diversion structure is proposed to start the fall of 2021 and hopefully be finished spring of 2022. Please keep in mind this may change as we continue to look for grants and other funding sources for this project.

4. When will the payments start for the FC Diversion loan?

The payments will not start until the date the project is finished.