2016 Irrigation Start Date is Saturday May 14th, 2016

Hello FCDC Shareholders,


2016 Irrigation Start Date is Saturday May 14th, 2016


Water is going to be flowing soon and there are a few things we would like to remind you all.  But first, the ditch riders are anticipating the earliest water will start flowing will be sometime on or after May 1st. 


Past Due Assessments - 4.2 Past Due Accounts


No water shall be delivered to a shareholder with unpaid assessments, except by special arrangement with the Ditch Company.  Overdue assessments shall be assessed interest at 1% per month, or as otherwise determined by the Directors.


If you have not paid your assessments, you water will not be delivered. Please get your payment in before May 1. A second round of assessment invoices went out last week to those who are still showing an outstanding balance. 


Ditch Cleaning - 5. 2 Shareholder Responsibility


Individual water users must clean and maintain their ditches annually before delivery of water. Water will not be delivered to ditches that have not been cleaned adequately.


Placement of the spoils of ditch cleaning along the ditch easements should be expected.


Please check all Sprinkler Heads to ensure there is not water loss occuring due to them being broken or worn out. This is a huge amount of water that is lost and by replacing them you can save water.


Contacting Ditch Riders - 5.3 Timing Orders


All water orders are to be placed at least forty- eight (48) hours prior to expected delivery at www.floridaditch.com or by phone with your Ditch Rider at 970-749-9801 or 970-749-9800. An answering machine is available for messages.


Orders will not be taken before April 15 of each irrigation year, and will only be received between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Callers are asked to leave the time and date of their call to determine when the order will be filled. Messages left without a time and date cannot be guaranteed for accurate processing.


No changes of delivery of water will be made on Sunday.


During times of high call volume, deliveries cannot be guaranteed within 48 hours.


Treatment of Ditch Riders and Secretary - 9.4 Working with Ditch Riders


Colorado State Statutes give Ditch Riders the authority and responsibility to run irrigation water, and to maintainthe canals, ditches and reservoirs of the Ditch Company. Consideration and respect is required in working with the Ditch Riders, particularly in heavy water use periods.


No physical, cyber, or verbal abuse of the Ditch Riders, Directors, or Secretary will be tolerated.